Datca a Holiday Oppurtunity Beyond the Ideal

It is not an easy task to describe Datca, which is located at a point where the Mediterranean and Aegean Sea meets. Everybody knows the well-known phrase “it cannot be described but only experienced”, and Datca is one of those places that best fits this phrase. Datca is at the intersection point of Turkey’s two touristic seas and has 52 deep blue large and small coves. These unique coves resemble aquariums and make Datca one of the most special places for a sea holiday in Turkey with its clean beaches. There are also 7 blue flag beaches in the district. Winter seasons are also warm in Datca, which already has a very long summer holiday period. Datca’s climate is mild and has approximately 300 sunny days a year and this makes Datca hotels suitable to visit for winter holidays. Cool summer breezes blowing from the north in the summer reduce the effect of intense heat, preventing the region from having a sweltering weather even on the hottest summer days.

It’s impossible not to mention Old Datca when Datca needs to be described. As a unique place, Old Datca is one of the must-see places in Turkey. Old Datca is the first settlement of Datca in its history, and recently it hosts the most popular places of the region. Old Datca hotels in the region are often preferred by both local and foreign tourists as they are close to Datca’s most touristic locations. The two-story Old Datca houses are almost like a work of art with their unique stonework. Old Datca hotels and the narrow streets decorated with bougainvillea flowers offer an epic holiday opportunity to the tourists who prefer Old Datca as their destination. If you want to get away from the city life and live unforgettable moments in your holiday, you should definitely add Old Datca to your places to visit list. With its stone building architecture, which is a magnificent reflection of the unique texture of Old Datca and hundreds of years old olive trees in its garden, Zeyt Inn Hotel offers you an unforgettable holiday. To add, Zeyt Inn Hotel promises its guests a vacation beyond the ideal with its proximity to Datca’s ancient settlement, Knidos, as well as the natural and architectural beauties and unique coves that are really must see.

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