Badem Çiçeği Festivali

2023 Datça Almond Blossom Festival: The Most Natural White and Pink

Datça, one of the regions that comes to mind most when it comes to almonds in our country, is preparing for the traditional Almond Blossom Festival, which has been organized every year since 2018. The 2023 Datça Almond Blossom Festival, where the nature, culture and history of Datça Peninsula will meet with visitors, will be held on February 16-17-18-19. The festival, which is held under the dominance of the white and pink colors of the almond blossom, which is almost a wonder of nature, is attended by thousands of guests from Turkey and abroad every year.

Badem Çiçeği Festivali

Home to 85 types of almond species, Datça region accounts for about 10% of Turkey’s almond production. Datça almonds, which are grown with the waterless agriculture method, stand out with their size, weight and flavor. Datça’s almond trees blossom with pink-white almond blossoms in mid-February every year, creating unique landscapes worth seeing in the region. Datça Almond Blossom Festival is a great opportunity to witness this period of time in Datça and collect unforgettable memories. As a guest of Eski Datça Zeyt Inn Hotel, you can get away from the stressful city life, experience Datça in its most beautiful form and welcome the spring season with almond blossoms in the most natural way.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see Datça between February 16-19, 2023. Let’s welcome spring together under the colors of white and pink in the heart of Old Datça, together with the guests of Zeyt Inn Hotel. The 2023 Almond Blossom Festival, where the unique nature, culture and history of the Datça peninsula will be fully experienced, will include unforgettable events for visitors.

  • Almond blossoms, nature tours, walks
  • Almonds and local products
  • Farmer events and competitions
  • Datça cuisine, herb dishes, keshkekConcerts, local music and folk dances
  • Interviews, panels, signing days, exhibitionsWorkshops, children’s activities.
  • Street events
  • Photo tours, photo contest
  • Handicraft and food stands

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