datça'da gezilecek yerler datça konaklama eski datça otelleri datça otelleri Places to visit in Datca

Places to visit in Datca: Enjoy an unforgettable vacation at Zeyt Inn Hotel, meet nature and history! Discover!

The places to visit in Datca constitute the main focal point of Datca, an Aegean town in the province of Muğla, which attracts thousands of visitors every year with its natural beauties, deep-rooted history and attracts thousands of visitors every year.

Datca is an Aegean town in the province of Mugla, which attracts thousands of visitors every year with its natural beauty and deep-rooted history. Datca, which becomes a center of attraction during the summer months, offers a unique experience to holidaymakers with its friendly people, unique landscapes and rich cultural heritage.

Datca, Turkey’s tourism paradise, is a fascinating place not only for its natural beauties but also for its historical buildings. For this reason, visitors to Datca not only enjoy the sea and the sun, but also witness thousands of years of history.

Datca’s main attractions include the ancient city of Knidos, the historic Windmills, the charming streets of Old Datca, the romantic Sevgi Yolu and the impressive Datca Castles. The home of the famous poet Can Yücel is also an important contribution to Datca’s cultural heritage.

Datca is also famous for its magnificent beaches and bays. The tranquil sandy beaches of Ovabükü, the impressive view of the Cnidus Lighthouse and the lively atmosphere of Datca Harbor are just a few of the places where vacationers make unforgettable memories.

Datca’s unique beauties are waiting to be discovered. If you want to find peace in nature and go on a historical journey, Datca may be the ideal destination for you. How about coming and enjoying this unique geography?

Knidos Ancient City

Datça'da Gezilecek Yerler Places to visit in Datca

At the top of your list of places to visit in Datca, of course, one of the most favorite ancient cities of the world is the ancient city of Knidos. The ancient city of Knidos is a treasure of history that welcomes visitors every day and is open all day long. There is a fee of 20 TL per person to enter the ancient city, whose visiting hours are between 09:00 and 21:00. Knidos, located at the extreme point of the Reşadiye Peninsula, in a magnificent geography where the Aegean and the Mediterranean embrace, is one of the important cities of Western Anatolia.

This ancient city, which consists of two separate regions, has a double structure and is terraced on mountainous terrain. Cnidos, with its history used for trade and military purposes, is an important part of Datca’s rich cultural heritage and is one of the must-discover spots.

The history of Knidos dates back to the Hellenistic and Roman periods and it was a center of science, art and culture. The ancient city is especially known for hosting the works of the famous sculptor Praxiteles. Knidos offers visitors a unique opportunity to trace the traces of the past and experience the fascinating atmosphere of antiquity.

Every corner of Knidos is full of ruins reflecting the splendor of the ancient period. Structures such as the theater, temples, agora and city walls carry the past splendor of the ancient city to the present day. In addition, Knidos, located at the point where the ancient harbor is located, fascinates its visitors with its sea view.

Discovering the unique atmosphere of the ancient city of Knidos while wandering the streets of Datca, which smell of history, offers visitors an unforgettable experience. This place is an indispensable stop for anyone who wants to trace the traces of antiquity and be enchanted by history. For detailed information, you can check our blog post Knidos Ancient City (Detailed review).

Old Datca

Datça'da Gezilecek Yerler Places to visit in Datca

Eski Datca is the first destination for visitors to Datca. This magnificent region is one of the most authentic reflections of Aegean culture and is home to the neighborhood where Can Yücel, one of the master poets of Turkish literature, lived for a long time.

Located approximately 2.5 kilometers from Datca city center, Eski Datca is accessible by minibuses departing from the center. However, visitors are advised to leave early as there may be overcrowding during the summer months. Old Datca attracts attention with its friendly people, warm and hospitable atmosphere and hosts various shops and businesses.

Here you can find cozy cafes and restaurants where you can meet your food and beverage needs. There are also unique boutiques and handicraft shops where you can shop. Strolling through the narrow streets of Eski Datca and being mesmerized by its historic stone houses and traditional architecture offers visitors an unforgettable experience.

Old Datca is not only a cultural center, but also a living space where history and nature are intertwined. The time you spend here allows you to feel Datca’s rich heritage and unique atmosphere more deeply.

Old Datca, which is second on your list of places to visit in Datca, shines like a pearl waiting to be discovered and has a very important location for us. Exploring this magnificent neighborhood where history and nature are intertwined will be one of the most special memories of your Datca vacation.

Datca Windmills

Datça'da Gezilecek Yerler Places to visit in Datca

Windmills (Kızlan Değirmenleri), one of the symbols of Datca, offers a magnificent view consisting of six mills. These aesthetically fascinating mills create an atmosphere worth seeing with their south-facing doors. The mill in front of it, which attracts attention with its restoration works, was restored by the district governorship and then opened as a restaurant. This mill allows you to have an unforgettable experience in the pleasant atmosphere of Datca.

Other mills belong to private individuals. The use of the second mill as a house is interesting and attracts the attention of visitors. Unfortunately, it is known that the other mills have not undergone maintenance or restoration works. However, all the windmills are important works that shed light on the unique texture and history of Datca.

There is no charge to visit Datca Windmills. In this way, visitors can freely explore this unique landscape and feel the spirit of Datca closely.

Windmills are a prominent point among the natural beauties of Datca and give visitors unforgettable memories. Exploring these historical buildings accompanied by the peaceful sounds of the sea and the wind will be an integral part of your Datca vacation.

Sevgi Yolu (Path of Love)

Datça'da Gezilecek Yerler Places to visit in Datca

Sevgi Yolu (Path of Love), one of the colorful streets of Datca, is one of the most popular tourist routes of the region. This walking path, which is closed to traffic, is located by the sea and offers a peaceful atmosphere. Sevgi Yolu, which is among the must-see places for visitors to Datca, offers a pleasant walking experience.

Datca is an ideal destination for those who want to have a sea vacation and Sevgi Yolu is one of the points that best reflects this peaceful environment. Datca, which has a calmer and more peaceful atmosphere compared to other Turkish holiday regions, offers visitors a relaxing holiday experience. Sevgi Yolu is one of the most beautiful reflections of this calm environment.

Sevgi Yolu, which is an indispensable part of the peaceful and pleasant holiday you will spend in Datca, allows you to collect unforgettable memories with pleasant walks accompanied by the peaceful sounds of the sea. This special route, which everyone who visits Datca should visit, is an ideal option for those who want to discover the unique beauties of nature and the sea.

Can Yücel's House

Datça'da Gezilecek Yerler Places to visit in Datca

Datça is an important touristic destination that fascinates with its natural beauties and at the same time enriches with its cultural and historical heritage. Can Yücel’s House, located especially in the Old Datça region, has an important place as a museum that reveals the living space and works of Can Yücel, one of the most important poets of Turkish literature. This place has emerged by transforming the poet’s house, where he lived his modest life, into a museum.

Can Yücel’s House offers visitors a unique journey into the poet’s life. In the house, Can Yücel’s belongings, handwritings and personal belongings are exhibited. In particular, details such as an unfinished bottle of wine give visitors the opportunity to touch the poet’s private life.

Unfortunately, this museum, called Can Yücel’s House, is only open to visitors on August 12 every year, the anniversary of the poet’s death. The museum, which used to be open to visitors on a permanent basis, was unfortunately closed after an attack on the poet’s grave in 2011. However, visitors can visit the museum on this date and express their admiration for Can Yücel’s life and works.

In our list of places to visit in Datça, Can Yücel’s House is an important part of Datça’s rich cultural heritage and an unmissable stop for visitors curious about the poet’s life.


Datça'da Gezilecek Yerler Places to visit in Datca

Ovabükü, known as the pearl of Datça, is located about 16 km from the city center and offers its visitors a unique sea pleasure. The magnificent nature and clear sea of Ovabükü fascinates its visitors and offers peaceful moments. There are many businesses offering accommodation in this lovely bay. You can stay in hotels and hostels, and you can also find the chance to taste local flavors in the surrounding restaurants and cafes.

There is no charge to enter Ovabükü. However, due to the popularity of the bay, there may be an intense influx of visitors, especially in the summer months. For this reason, it is recommended to visit in the morning to avoid difficulties in finding a place. Ovabükü is one of the largest bays of Datça and stands out with its natural beauty and clear sea.

Ovabükü is an ideal escape for those who want to find peace in the calm atmosphere of Datça. This unique bay, where you can enjoy the blue of the sea and the green of nature, offers an unforgettable vacation experience. Ovabükü is one of the must-see stops for visitors to Datça.

Knidos Lighthouse

Datça'da Gezilecek Yerler Places to visit in Datca

The Knidos Lighthouse rises proudly on a rocky hill on the western coast of the Kap Crypt Peninsula. Offering spectacular views at all hours of the day, this historic lighthouse invites visitors to an impressive experience. Estimated to have been built in 1931, the first keeper of the lighthouse was Veli Bora, who worked as a lighthouse keeper in Bodrum.

Knidos Lighthouse is located inside the ancient city of Knidos and a special fee must be paid to enter this ancient city. However, there is no extra charge to see the Knidos Lighthouse. The lighthouse, which serves as an open-air museum today, attracts the attention of local and foreign tourists.

Knidos Lighthouse is not only a historical building but also surrounded by natural beauties. Visitors experience peaceful moments while watching the magnificent sea views from the top of the lighthouse. Knidos Lighthouse is a must-see for anyone who wants to discover the unique atmosphere of Datça.

Datca Harbor

Datça'da Gezilecek Yerler Places to visit in Datca

Datça Port is an important point located in the center of Datça and decorated with walkways and artworks along the coast. Among the most remarkable works of the harbor are the lion statue and the bust of Demeter. In addition, the original copy of the bust in the harbor, which was taken from Knidos to England in 1850 and exhibited in the British Museum, also attracts the attention of visitors.

It is known that all the sculptures in Datça Harbor were commissioned by Datça Municipality to Elbruz Denge. The harbor is an area where boats are elegantly lined up and create an aesthetic image. It also hosts various events organized in the region. Watching the sunset offers a different pleasure in Datça Harbor. There are also various businesses such as cafes and restaurants in the harbor, which offers visitors the opportunity to relax and have a pleasant time.

Datça Harbor is an ideal spot for those who want to experience the lively atmosphere and sea view of Datça. It offers an unforgettable experience to its visitors with its artworks, historical texture and impressive view.

Karia Yolu (Caria Road)

Datça'da Gezilecek Yerler Places to visit in Datca

The Carian Way, Datça’s favorite route, is located. The Carian Way has the title of being the longest distance walking route in Turkey. Considered one of the six best adventure routes in the world, the Carian Way is a must for every visitor who wants to discover the natural beauties of Datça waiting to be discovered. The Carian Way consists of four main sections: Bozburun, Datça Peninsula, Gökova Gulf and Inner Caria. There is also an additional section around Muğla.

The Carian Way offers an adventure full of ancient roads, shepherd trails and forest paths and welcomes adventure lovers from all over the world. Spanning more than 850 kilometers, the route is divided into 46 stages, each offering its own unique landscapes. The Carian Way was officially opened in 2013 and has since become one of Datça’s most remarkable and popular destinations. Visitors are required to pay a fee to complete each stage along the way.

The Carian Way is an ideal option for those who want to explore the magnificent beauties of nature, see the historical riches and experience an unforgettable adventure. Everyone who visits Datça is recommended to stop by the Carian Way and enjoy this unique route.

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