Witness History in Knidos Datca

Old Datca stands out as one of the vacation centers where the natural environment is best preserved. The ancient city of Knidos, which is the archaeological site in this region, is surrounded by an unspoiled nature in harmony with Old Datca. The Datca peninsula, which separates the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, has maintained its importance throughout history and hosted many historical figures such as the mathematician Eudoksos, the architect of the Alexandria Lighthouse world wonder, Sostrates, and the physician of the kings, Ktesias. Knidos is one of the most important destinations for Datca hotels guests to visit during their holidays.

The rich flora of Datca peninsula has been known since ancient times. The fact that the ancient city of Knidos was a medical center in its time and that patients from the surrounding regions visited the ancient city for treatment is a result of Datca’s rich flora. Datca’s unique climate features stem from this rich flora as well. Old Datca is one of the windiest locations in Turkey and for this reason it is an excellent destination for windsurfing. Old Datca is one of Turkey’s kitesurfing centers, and Old Datca hotels are visited by hundreds of both local and foreign tourists every year due to their proximity to coves suitable for windsurfing. Apart from windsurfing, wind turbines are used to generate energy from the wind unique to this region. The wind turbines located near the Old Datca hotels are also a location worth visiting.

As one of the symbolic products of Datca, the olive is of great importance in the region. It is known that olives have been grown in Datca since ancient times. The hundreds of years old olive trees in the garden of the Zeyt Inn hotel refer to the history of the region and the importance of olives. Zeyt Inn hotel offers guests a unique holiday opportunity in the company of ancient olive trees and a rich local history.


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